Recently we received a notice from Facebook that due to Facebook API changes it is no longer possible to display a feed from a Facebook Page for which you are not an administrator. Due to this change, the Facebook feed on your NAMI Affiliate site has likely stopped updating.

To update your Facebook feed settings and have your feed update as usual, please follow these steps:

If You Have Login Access to the Facebook Page, i.e. You are an Admin of the Facebook Page (or are in contact with someone who does)

1. Login to the WordPress backend of your website.

2. Navigate to "Facebook Feed" in lefthand menu.

3. Choose Connect or Manually Connect

A. Using the “Connect a Facebook account” button on the plugin settings page. This will require you to have login information for a Facebook account which has a role on the Facebook page you wish to connect.

Once you hit Facebook continue you will be redirected to Facebook to retrieve an Access Token. You will enter this token on the WordPress page.

B. Using the “Manually connect account” button on the plugin settings page.  You can ask someone with a role on the Facebook page to use the tool on this page and then send you the ID and Access Token for you to connect the Facebook page inside the plugin.

If you have any problems connecting your Facebook Feed, please send a ticket to our Help Desk.