Do you have an update for your NAMI community? Would you also like to include photos that will display on your homepage? Creating a new post can help you do this. Let’s take a look.

Almost every NAMI EasySite has an “In the News” section on their homepage. You can add news items here simply by creating a new post.

Create a new post

  1. Log-in to wordpress and go to the dashboard

  2. Click on ‘Posts’ (left sidebar)

  3. Click on ‘Add New’

  4. Give your post a title and content

  5. On the right hand sidebar of the ‘Add New Post’ editing view, find the ‘Categories’ box and check ‘Breaking News’. This will display the post in the ‘Breaking News’ excerpt feed on the homepage.

Insert Image

  1. In the ‘Add New Post’ editing view, position the cursor, within the post content, where you would like to add an image

  2. Click on ‘Add Media’

  3. In the media library, click on the image that you would like to insert. Or upload the image by clicking on the ‘Upload Files’ tab in the ‘Add Media’ window.

Reformat Image to Display in Excerpt (on home page)

  1. Highlight (check) the desired image

  2. On the right hand side of the window, there is a section called ‘Attachment Details’. Here you can resize the images. An image must be less than 590 pixels in width (all dimensions are Width x Height) to appear in the excerpt sections.

  3. Resize the image by selecting a different size in the ‘Size’ dropdown found under ‘Attachment Display Settings’ so that the width is less than 590.

Click on ‘Edit Image’ and adjust the image size there

  1. Click the ‘Insert into Post’ button

  2. Click on the ‘Publish’ button

Finally, go to your site’s homepage and verify that this new content is being displayed.